Tips for Photographing Raptors in the Wild

Birds of prey are fast. A Peregrine falcon can fly at speeds approaching 70 miles per hour. Its diving speed averages 112 miles per hour. Other raptors like the Golden eagle can fly and dive even faster. A photographer who desires to capture an image of a bird of prey in action needs specialized photography equipment and a few helpful tips to get the shot of a lifetime.

The camera body needs to be able to take several shots per second. This often requires a high quality storage card that has blazingly fast write speeds.I was looking for more Read more…

How to Take Pictures at Zoos and Animal Parks

Getting some great shots during your trip to the zoo can help your memories of the visit last a lifetime. However, because wild animals are far from accommodating, it can be challenging to get pictures that you actually want to keep. Here are some tips to help you get photos that you’ll want to save and maybe even frame:

1. Use a good optical zoom: A good optical zoom (from 10x and up) can give your pictures the best quality and let you get the close ups that you want.Confused? July 2013

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