Essential And Basic Points About Photography !

Is Photography an art ?

Absolutely! Photography is an art and, more importantly, a skill of creating long-lasting and innovative images by using chemical and electronic techniques.

The Camera Module book: All you need to know about the parts of a camera!

A camera is the most basic yet vital necessity to pursue photography as a profession. However, there’s notable growth in the evolution and development of mobile phones; people tend to learn photography using them, but traditional and old-style methods of using cameras have not lost their value because the features in phones are of a limited version.
Let’s climb the first step to learn about some of the basics of the camera in photography!

1. Camera Lens:


The Camera lens is just like our ‘eyes’; therefore, it is called the ‘eye of the camera.’
The lens is the vital part of the camera where the light enters, and the photo process continues from there. Different kinds of a lens vary in length, and thus lens are interchangeable.

2. Body of the Camera:

The body is one of the prime parts of the camera, which carries other parts. As a result, DSLRs are usually heavy and possess a broad body.


3. Shutter Release Button:

The shutter release button works as an implementation or a mechanism to click the images by letting go of the shutter. The duration at which the camera shutter is open during the exposure is termed ‘shutter speed.’ Shutter speed freezes the action.

4. Viewfinders and LCD screens:

Viewfinders or LCD screens are the vital part of the camera where one can see the image that they are clicking. Viewfinders are detected in all the DSLR cameras but are replaced with LCD screens in the digital compacts.


5. Aperture:

The aperture of the camera lens directs the amount of light that has to enter the camera lens; then reaches the image sensor that is located inside the camera.
Aperture is measured using f/stop or F-number.

6. iSO:

The iSO regulates the sensitivity of the camera sensor. The higher the iSO setting, the more the sensitivity of the camera sensor to the light and the more grain that will appear in the image(Grain is the optical texture of the photograph.)

How to pursue photography as a career?

Explore your motivation and go ahead!


Passion is something that leads to exploration. Do you see yourself clicking more pictures of landscapes or pets, or portraits? Or do you just love capturing moments?
Whatever it might be, just get to know what inspires you the most to get into photography. The best way to explore your interest is to try travel photography, which helps you analyze your interests and helps you discover yourself too.

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