Genres Of Photography

Photography is one of the versatile fields that can be explored widely. However, it is a skill that requires practice, interest, and a pure passion for pursuing it as a career.

Photography is the flair and knack of producing creative images by making use of light on a sensitive surface called film or an optical sensor through the action of radiant energy. It can be pursued as a hobby or career and used for recreational purposes, mass-communication such as film, business, art, video production, etc.

As technology has developed, Photography has been explored from time to time and is classified into various exciting types!

Hurry up! Let’s capture them one by one!


There are various genres of photography that one can pursue as a professional career or a hobby. Let’s look at the most interesting ones!

1. Portrait Photography:

Portrait Photography is the most common yet popular genre of photography.
● Portrait Photography is the best way to start your career as a photographer.
● This is the essential photography that one can learn initially, which helps them explore other genres like fashion photography, product photography, and wedding photography.
● Build a significant portfolio of the portrait shots you’ve captured; it helps a beginner photographer gain customers!

2. Fashion Photography:


Fashion Photography is the most glamorous field, yet hard to pursue it as a profession because the area is competitive. It is the most challenging genre to have complete or a piece of basic knowledge about fashion.
● Fashion photoshoots require many people, such as models, makeup artists, art directors, and fashion photographers, to create the magic!
● From photographs on cover pages of famous magazines to documenting the latest trends and styles, fashion photographers can experience a whole new world!

3. Travel Photography:

● Travelling is not just a hobby or an alternative to a boring life; it, indeed, is a priceless experience.
● Travel Photography includes different genres of photography too. A passionate travel photographer makes sure that the audience gets fascinated about the photos that he clicks and tries to add those places in their bucket list or make them feel like they’ve reached the place already!
● A travel photographer can focus on places, people, lifestyles, food, attire, and whatnot!

4. Product Photography:

Product photography is a genre that is more specific than advertising photography.
● The product photographers photograph all the products that we shop online.
● The photos are used for print and online catalogs, as well as for packaging and labels.
● Jewelry photography and Food photography comes under specialized product photography to advertise their meals and jewelry, respectively. They require a perfect balance of light and need a studio.
● If one cannot afford a studio, one can build a home photography studio based on a low budget.

Photography is a great area to pursue as a career due to its comprehensive options.
Initially, it might be risky, but you can come out with flying colors if you’re passionate and determined enough!

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