Photography Hacks That One Must Know!

Photography is one of the creative fields that ask for a passionate photographer, nothing else. That’s because passion and hard work lead to success!
Photography is not a kind of profession that doesn’t demand money to spend on. There are different types of cameras and other electronic items that a photographer prefers for good-quality photography. But not all can afford them initially.

Sometimes, don’t you think clever and creative work should be encouraged?

So, Here’s presenting you the best creative hacks to master in photography!

1. Why’s there a need to buy a professional Bokeh Kit when you, yourself, can make one?

To crack this photography hack, all you need is a DSLR camera, a smaller f-stop, a fast lens, and a bit of knowledge about Bokeh photography.

Bokeh photography is a type of photography that makes the background blur.
Try to make the bokeh shapes on the end of a tube and fit the other end to the camera lens. Then, use a low aperture and click the photo using manual focus mode through the shapes that you’ve cut. Next, try to regulate the focus ring so that the bokeh shapes are focused and the background is blurred.

2. Commercial products are the best friends to the camera lens!

● Did you find an old tea strainer in your storeroom? Use it to get a fantastic shadow effect photograph. How?
All you need is a natural light, a camera, and a tea strainer! First, make the subject stand against the light or natural light from the window or a door. Then, hold a tea strainer in front of the camera to click and look at the detailed shadow marks on the subject’s face!


● Found a bunch of old classic CDs on your shelf? Pick one and create another magic right now!
Try to flash CD in front of the camera and the subject. Continue doing the same until the lens catches a beautiful view of flares. Capture the image that results in beautiful lens flares on the subject!

● Did you know that Vaseline is not only used to moisturize the skin but also used to moisturize camera lenses? Yes! This was one of the tricks that Hollywood movies preferred earlier and even now—rubbing vaseline using a filter paper on the camera lens results in surreal photography!

● Are you visiting an exotic place in summer? Make use of your sunglasses to capture the beauty of the site!
Just place the sunglasses in front of the camera, using it as a filter to the photo you’re clicking.

● Are you not able to invest in tripods for now? Just replace a tripod with a bean bag!
Though this hack is not helpful all the time, it has its benefits. Bean bags can be easily carried, and the camera can be placed firmly and quickly on them, too.
This hack suits you the best when you’re photographing at home.

These are some of the essential hacks that a beginner can learn to be familiar with the world of PHOTOGRAPHY!
And, of course, there’s a lot more to learn!

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